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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Masthead

With the new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ‘Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011’ being released, one of the things that I have been wondering is how the graphical elements are going to change for one the icons and the Masthead. For this post I thought that I would cover the Masthead. ...

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Increase Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

There are many programs available to help increase Productivity. Although Dynamics CRM is not aimed specifically at increasing productivity in the work place, it has tools that help with productivity. It can also be customised so that the processes inside of CRM can be sped up and in turn increase ...

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Busy vs. Productive - Part 2

I was interested in what productivity and busyness each look like in practice. The division presence of both is more common in the work place than you think. I have broken this into two parts with example of each:


This website above talks of how Utah was experimenting ...